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City of Heroes Shows Off Water Blasting Set

The new armour sets for waterblasting in City of Heroes have been showcased. Getting wet has never been so fashionable.

This new Water Blasting set lets you drench your enemies whilst simultaneously maintaining your new Tidal Power resource to maintain your abilities.

Everything about Water Blasting is about Tidal Power; you have powers that use it and powers that generate it – all of which change their output depending on how much of it you have. It’s a bit complex, but here’s a couple of examples:


  • 0-2 Tidal Power: Normal damage, a moderate heal over time and builds 1 Tidal Power
  • 3 Tidal Power: Normal damage and a large heal over time

Water Jet

  • 0-2 Tidal Power: Normal damage
  • 3 Tidal Power: Normal damage, faster cast speed and instantly recharges Water Jet!


  • 0 Tidal Power: Normal damage and a 0% chance to disorient
  • 1 Tidal Power: +5% damage, and a 33% chance to disorient
  • 2 Tidal Power: +12% damage and a 60% chance to disorient
  • 3 Tidal Power: +25% damage and a 100% chance to disorient

It’s all about generating Tidal Power strategically to maximise your damage output. I forsee a lot of talk going into what will make the best rotation with the new powers.

Source: Joystiq