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Capcom Announces Marvel vs. Capcom Origins for XBLA and PSN

Marvel Super Heroes
Capcom has just announced a new entry in its Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game series. No, it’s not Marvel vs. Capcom 4, and it’s also not Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Uncanny Edition (at least not yet), but instead, it’s Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.

It will be a mix of two classic Capcom fighters that will house the original Marvel vs. Capcom, and Marvel Super Heroes. 

For those who don’t know Marvel Super Heroes, it’s the first game from Capcom that showcased Marvel characters and while it didn’t include tag-team functionality, it did offer up Infinity Gems to spice up the game.

Here’s the game’s first trailer.

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins will offer a Spectator mode, HD graphics and players will even be able to save replays.

The game will ship this coming September for XBLA and PSN for $14.99 (1200 MS Points).

Source: IGN