The Secret World Crafting Guide – Diagrams, Glyphs, Runes and Gadgets

The Secret World’s basic gameplay will get you a lot of crafting materials. You will learn about crafting as you make progress in the game, experience will tell you that what you should buy or sell and what to keep or throw.

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Things To Remember While Crafting

  1. You can open the crafting menu by pressing the “Y” Button.
  2. Each stack can be broken by holding the shift button and pressing the left click.
  3. The gadgets you craft are similar to the potions but are not consumed!
  4. Try not to sell weapons, talismans and the runes. These are very good at disassembling and will help you to craft per your needs.
  5. The potions might help you to get easy runes but this is not always the correct option as they have other uses too!

Crafting Missions
The Crafting missions will definitely help you to learn more about crafting. “Zen and the Art of Weapon maintenance” located outside the Sheriff’s station will help you to learn about weapon’s crafting whereas the Sonya (Raven’s Nook) will teach you regarding glyphs during the mission “The Occultist’s Cookbook”. These are very easy missions and will teach you a lot; do these before you make plans for the long-run!

How to Craft in The Secret World

The crafting here is just as the one of Minecraft. You have to arrange the items in the rows x columns with the proper manner to craft an item. Here are a number of examples:

Crafting #1

Crafting #2

Crafting #3

Crafting #4

Crafting #5

How To Gather Crafting Materials/Items in The Secret World

You do not get the items like you will in the most MMORPGs – you will have to disassemble weapons, glyphs, potions and talismans to get your required items as you won’t be able to harvest the raw materials.


  • The weapons will always get you the items of a lower level than that of the weapon.
  • The glyphs and the talisman will be lost once you disassemble a weapon.

One of the most common things a new player tries to grab is a secondary weapon, if you are lucky enough then you might find it as a drop item but most of you will have to do the hard work.

You can get the base items by disassembling a weapon (drop it into the disassemble slot of the crafting window) The QL 2 toolkil requires imperfect metal whereas it is made with the help of 5 base metals. Just drop the stack of base items into the large window and click assemble to get an imperfect metal!

You will need a Weapon Toolkit once you have made 7 imperfect metals. The Weapon Toolkits are often found from vendors or drop items (story-related areas, dungeons) The blue tookits will produce blue weapons, and green will produce green.

Note. All the items do not disassemble into a metal. Some might give you potions, animas, glyphs and elements.

Now that you have all the required items, you can go to the crafting table and put in the items as they are mentioned in the tables above and make your required items.

It will be as the unrequired weapons will get you the base metals>base metals will get you the imperfect metals and the tool kit will help you to create the weapon of your choice!

The glyphs are added to increase the statistics of an item. They usually fit onto the empty slots of an uncommon item or a higher level weapon and talismans.

Offensive Runes

  • Denkyem: Critical Power Rating
  • Lu: Critical Rating
  • Trinity: Penetration Rating
  • Wheel: Hit Rating

Defensive Runes

  • Earth: Block Rating
  • Koru: Physical Protection Rating
  • Pentagram: Magical Protection Rating
  • Yggdrasil: Evade Rating
  • Wedjat: Defense Rating

The Glyph toolkit is required to create a glyph, you will also need a number of runes of the correct tier as you cannot mix offensive and defensive ruins but mix a couple of two! Here is an example on how you can craft a rune.

Gadgets and Consumables
As mentioned before the gadgets and the consumables are similar but the gadgets are a little underpowered and have cool-down periods. You can also use fire, dust and water to create them. Here are the examples:

Elements will create the potions as:

  • Dust: Healing (instant action) potions
  • Fire: Leech potions (converts damage into health)
  • Metal: Barrier Potions (lowers the damage taken)
  • Water: Heals with respect to time

The consumables created by using runes are usually better and long lasting, whereas finding a gadget toolkit is very difficult as it’s a rare drop!