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SWTOR Patch 1.3 Legacy Character Perks Guide

The patch 1.2 introduced the Legacy system to SWOTR. The upgrades after finishing a race or a storyline would result in upgrading or unlocking things for the whole legacy.

Patch 1.3 is different; the upgrades are awarded to the character only and not to the whole legacy, as it were, before. The perks system is added to give players an edge over the other characters and make leveling more efficient and quicker.

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Advancement has five sub categories, and each category has five tiers. This way, a player can upgrade one side of his skills more efficiently. The next tier is only unlocked once you’ve purchased the tiers below it. The effects of all unlocked tiers are stacked with one-another.

The top tier is unlocked at legacy level 25 and is also expensive, but it gives you other bonuses (+30% XP when you’re at 5th tier).

These perks are very useful for the guys who are leveling up but are not of any use to those who have already progressed. Choosing these perks in the earlier times will definitely boost your leveling.

Improved Warzone Experience (275,000 credits)
The XP gain from PvP is increased.

Improved Flashpoint Experience (275,000 credits)
The XP gain from defeating enemies in flashpoints is increased.

Improved Space Mission Experience (150,000 credits)
The XP gained by completing space missions is increased.

Improved Class Mission Experience (275,000 credits)
The XP gained by completing Class missions is increased.

Improved Exploration Experience (150,000 credits)
The XP gained by discovering locations on maps is increased.


The companion perks increase the affection of your conversations, gift-giving and the levels of your crafting. The companion tiers and their cost is less but the legacy of crafting is still expensive but profitable in the long-run investment.

Legacy of Altruism (90,000 credits)
The gain of affection via gift giving is increased, +30% at tier 3.

Legacy of Persuasion (90,000 credits)
The gain of affection via conversations is increased. 30% increased at tier 3.

Legacy of Crafting (350,000 credits)
Requires Legacy Level 20, the likelihood of gaining an augment slot in a crafted item is increased. +3% chance on Tier III.

Legacy of Leadership (60,000 credits)
The companions will return quicker from selling the junk items. It needs legacy level 10!


These are the quick travel skills which are similar to the Fleet Pass. These chains allow the characters to buy the Speeder Piloting skills earlier. The functions are same as the Emergency Fleet Pass but their cool-down is separate.

Priority Transport – Capital World (Korriban, Hutta, Ord Mantell, Tython) (20,000 credits)
Character Level 10 and Legacy Level 10

The Outlaw’s Den (50,000 credits)
Character Level 25 and Legacy Level 10

Fleet Vanguard Vessel (50,000 credits)
Character Level 40

The Black Hole (150,000 credits)
Character Level 50.

Speeder Piloting

It allows you to buy the Speeder Piloting Skills at earlier levels (10 instead of 25, 30 instead of 40 and 40 for 50) although; you will have to pay for the training skills separately!


These perks are expensive and get you the convenient services right on the field instead of making you to go back to the settlement and the ordinary vendors! The convenience perk are only useful once you’ve leveled up your player by all means.

Field Repair Droid (350,000 credits)
It will summon a vendor who can repair broken gear. The abilities of the vendor are increased and the summoning time is increased with the increase in the tier levels. It requires legacy level 25

Field Mail Droid (100,000 credits)
This will summon a letter carrier who can be summoned more often with an increase in the tiers. It requires Legacy Level 12.

Field ReSpecialization (200,000 credits)
Similar to the Skills Mentor NPC as it allows the players to reallocate the skill points. You will have to pay for the new ones though. It requires Legacy Level 10.

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