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Total War: Rome 2 Announcement Trailer

Total War Rome 2
So, just in case you weren’t aware that there was a sequel to Total War: Rome coming, this should get your motor running.

We’ve just been given this trailer to go along with the official announcement from yesterday. This announcement trailer should get you excited regardless of whether you played the original game or not. Hell, you’ll like it if you appreciate Roman history.

The live action trailer features not only some great acting, but murder, betrayal and politics; everything that makes up the secret other side of the smash RTS series. Judging by what Creative Assembly have already told us about the political side of the game, then you should expect to see a lot more of what you see in the video in the game.

Hopefully espionage and betrayal will become more of a thing, and allow you to control the map in different ways.

We’re also posed with the question “How far will you go for Rome?” before it flashes a 2013 release at us. It’s an interesting question. What would you do?