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Game of Thrones MMO To Be Called Seven Kingdoms

The newly announced Game of Thrones MMO got it’s official title today in the form of Game of Thrones – Seven Kingdoms.

Following the major success of A Song of Ice and Fire books being adapted into a televised series named after the first book (Game of Thrones), there’s been a huge amount of follow-up products from comic books to video games.

Adding itself to the line-up, the free-to-play broswer-based MMORPG will be made by Bigpoint, the developers behind Battlestar Galactica Online and Drakensange Online. It will also premiere later this month at San Diege Comic-Con.

The MMO has been inspired by the TV series, like much of the merchandise, rather than the books themselves (Hence naming itself after the HBO series, rather than the books). It will be set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and will allow you as a player to experience many of the “epic moments” that are featured in the show.

Whilst there isn’t a release date available yet, there will be a beta at some point later this year.