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End of Nations Beta Starting This Month

The upcoming MMORTS from Trion Worlds, End of Nations, will be starting it’s closed beta as of July 20th, and you can get your beta key right now.

That’s right, the very first closed beta event will be starting on July 20th, and only select people can get into it. If you’ve pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition of the game, then you’re in luck because you’ll be getting access to the beta alongside select other individuals.

If you don’t want to buy the $29.99 Founder’s Edition, then you can apply for a beta access spot and hope that you’re lucky.

This first closed beta event is promising “Both large and small player maps across a variety of different terrains, as well as a multitude of upgrade options and a wide range of units and battle tactics to deploy,” according to Trion.

If you do pre-order the End of Nations Founder’s Edition, you get all of the following for your account:

  •  Two-month* VIP Membership, including:
  • 1,000 in-game credits
  • 60 game 50% XP Boost
  • 30% store discount
  • 10-win Loot Boost
  • Exclusive Founders “Motherboard” unit skin set
  • Exclusive Trion “Magma” skin set
  • Exclusive “Founder” forum title
  • Veteran’s Status: Level 5 Start Boost on a new Commander Character
  • Additional Commander Slot

And that’s along-side your early access. And the best part it: You get all this content during the beta events. No waiting until release to enjoy your extra content!