Total War: Rome 2 Announced – Everything You Need To Know

For PC gamers, Total War: Rome is one of the greatest examples of a truly brilliant game. Now, Creative Assembly are bringing a sequel to the highly acclaimed game.

Creative Assembly have been hammered with requests for a sequel to Total War: Rome for years and years, and now they’ve decided that it’s high time there was a sequel. But, when something is as popular as Total War: Rome, just what do you have to do to make it bigger and better?

Well, to start: Bigger and Better battles. Now battles will feature cross-over entanglements between ground and naval forces, marking the first game where ships can take part in what should be a ground based battle. Your troop transports can assail the beaches with additional men for your battles.

A new camera mode will also be featured; One that allows you to observe your units as simplified icons, so you can better manage large scale battles without having to repeatedly zoom in on different parts of the battle. You can also now zoom in and hover behind a singular units shoulder in an incredibly detailed view.

There’s many new animations for units on the ground as well, meaning that when you zoom in you’ll be able to see all sorts of detail as forces clash with one-another in melee.

Creative Assembly want to put more power in the hands of a player as well, letting them create history as they choose rather than re-living the campaigns of old. You will have the power to choose whether or not to be an empire or a kingship, whether you should conquer Europe or consolidate your forces at your homestead. They want to create a different sandbox experience with Total War: Rome 2.

For as much as we know for now, there’s still a lot we don’t know. Hopefully Creative Assembly will keep us updated with more news as development of this game goes forward.