Fez Developer Working On Two New Titles

Are you a fan of Fez? Then you might be interested in what Phil Fish is up to.

The indie game developer, Phil Fish, revealed that he’s working on two other titles. In an interview at Gamelab 2012, he said that he’d started the development of another game whilst he was still working on Fez, though it was postponed so he could finish the platformer.

He also mentioned that he was working on both titles with some friends, though they’re yet to decide which game they should be focussing their efforts on.

“It is difficult to decide which game you are going to dedicate to,” he said. “It may be something that will occupy many years of your life.”

He didn’t reveal any details on the upcoming games, but if they’re anything like the critically acclaimed Fez then they’re bound to be brilliant.

Source. Develop