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XPGrind Episode 3 – When Liam Got Punched By The Internet

Three weeks already? Sorry this episode hase gone up so late, but our team got distracted by the necessities of life.

We want to thank everyone who’s been listening so far to our weekly blatherings, because thanks to you we’ve already been featured and ranked quite highly on our host website. We’re going to be running another competition in the near future to celebrate and to show our appreciation for your support.

But I digress, it’s time for this week’s rendition of XPGrind!

The team is down to three this week, with Liam and Ian returning and another new guest; Joe. The bird didn’t make any return this week (Phew!). Lots of gaming talk, plenty of gaming news and a lot of answers from the audience for the big question that got posed to us this week.

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Thanks for listening, again. Stay tuned for more future competitions.