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Skyrim Dawnguard – How To Get Aetherial Staff and Shield

Here we are once again, searching for the fun-to-collect and perhaps awesome-to-use new weapons and armor in Dawnguard, the fresh expansion for Skyrim. We’ve already covered a couple of other weapons, and in this guide, we’ll be going after the Aetherial Staff and Shield.

The Aetherial Staff can be acquired during the special side-quest Lost to the Ages. Note that unlike a few other side-quests, this one can be initiated both in Castle Volkihar of the Vampires and in Fort Dawnguard of the Dawnguard faction.

For starting the quest, you’ll need to find a book called The Aetherium Wars, found in both Castle Volkihar Undercroft and in Fort Dawnguard. After reading the book, you will get a miscellaneous task in your quest journal. Activate it, and then follow the waypoint to proceed further in the side-quest.

Towards the end, you’ll reach the Forge, and will be given the option to construct one of three options. Two of these three items are the Aetherial Staff and Shield.

Choose wisely, and incase you’re not sure of what does what, here’s a description for you:

  • The Shield can be bashed on an enemy to make it ethereal – unable to harm you for 15 seconds.
  • The Aetherial Staff will spawn a Dwemer Spider or Sphere to fight for you for 1 minute.

Once again, choose wisely and enjoy whatever you pick!