First PS3 Footage for Resident Evil 6 Emerges, Shows Leon, Helena, Sherry & Jake

During Capcom’s Game Jam event in Japan, the publisher showed off Resident Evil 6’s first-ever public outing on the PS3.

Most, if not all the footage we’ve seen so far have been for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Of course, the fact that Microsoft has a timed-exclusivity deal with Resident Evil 6’s DLCs might have something to do with it.

There’s two clips below. We get to see Leon team up with new character Helena and they meet up with Resident Evil 4’s Sherry Birkin who’s all grown up now. Also appearing in the mix is Albert Wesker’s son Jake Mueller.

Resident Evil 6 will also have crossover scenes, which is a new mechanic in the Resident Evil franchise. What this means is that if you play online, you’ll be partnered with a random player for the game’s crossover segments. The game will pick online “strangers” who are at the same point as you are in the story during this crossover portions.

This other footage showcases Leon in an underground metro. We get to see Mr. Kennedy take down a couple of J’avo’s and the revamped menu user interface, too.

Hopefully, there’s more scares in this survival-horror affair. What we’ve seen so far of the game mostly showcases it as another action/shooter-fest.

Resident Evil 6 is set to be out on October 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It PC version will come at a later undisclosed date.

Source: Silconera