Spec Ops: The Line Intel Items Locations Guide

By   /   Jun 25, 2012

To unlock Intel Operative achievement or trophy in Spec Ops: The Line, you have to recover all 23 intel items scattered throughout the game World.

If you are aiming for 1000 gamer score points or platinum trophy, getting this achievement or trophy should be priority. If that’s the case, this guide will assist you in recovering all the intel items in Spec Ops: The Line.

Chapter 1 – Intel Items

Intel Item #1
Location. While moving towards the objective, you will come across a military truck among military vehicles. Your first intel item is near this truck. Pick it up after killing the first group of enemies you encounter. You can pick this collectible right after the cutscene triggered by the dropped dead body.

Intel Item #2
Look for this intel item on the ground as you approach the entrance of wrecked aircraft while crossing the fuselage. You will find this item next to the stairs that you follow to enter the plane.

Chapter 2 – Intel Items

Intel Item #3
When the chapter starts, look to your left for a blue umbrella. This is where you will find the first Intel item of this chapter. It’s a brown bag so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to spot it.

Though you will have to kill the terrorists on the platform below before you can retrieve this Intel. Clear the terrorists and return to this area to collect this tape.

Intel Item #4
After clearing the bottom floor (TV Studio) in the Nest, take the stairs down and turn right. Look for a small black tape between a desk and a recording camera.

Chapter #3 – Intel Items

Intel Item #5
When you evacuate the starting area in your bid to escape the ambush in the hotel, sprint following the cursor on the screen, and you will come across a corridor. Cross the corridor and in the next area, take a left and jump down.

After landing, search the left side of the room. You will find a desk with two chairs. Search this area to find this collectible.

Do note that, entering the room will trigger the cut-scene, if it happens before you pick up the collectible, return to this room after clearing the enemies in the next area to retrieve this collectible.

Chapter #4 – Intel Items

Intel Item #6
At the start of the chapter, inside the Nest, search the first corridor. Look on the right wall for some drawings and a small entrance. On the ground is the first Intel item of this chapter.

When you are moving towards the objective, one of your team-mates will stop and look at the tent on the left side of the same corridor. On the opposite of that wall, is this Intel item.

Intel Item #7
You can retrieve this Intel item after locating McPherson. Follow McPherson and rappel to the next area. After reaching the ground, look for a large map on the ground, to the right. Next to this map is the observation desk, and on it is this Intel item.

Chapter 5 – Intel Items

Intel Item #8
After reaching the building on the other side, follow the stairs and clear the first room. After the next few checkpoints, you will reach the spa area. When you are to rappel through a large window, look on the wall for a green sigh – Sky Wadi – Fitness Wellness.

Facing the sign, look to your left for a door that allows you to enter the room. Enter this room and search the ground, you will find the first Intel item of this chapter.

Intel Item #9
After using the zip-line for the second time and landing by the pool filled with sand, you will enter the building after crossing the bridge ahead. Follow the stairs on the left leading to the second floor and search the first room.

Look for an orange painting, behind it, by the bed with red pillows, is the second collectible of this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Intel Items

Intel Item #10
At the start of the chapter, when the support squad arrives to help fight the terrorists.

Maintain the position of the turret and open the door to the next area to reach the sewers. While passing through the sewers filled with dead bodies, keep an eye on the right side of the tunnel.

Turn left and look at the white couch and more dead bodies. There is a desk by that couch and on it are some papers, which will provide you valuable Intel.

Chapter #7 – Intel Items

Intel Item #11
In this chapter, after killing multiple terrorists, yo will come across an area with the green bus; you will either have to around that or go through that to advance into the next area.

You will encounter enemies and turret as you advance. Destroy the turret and turn left to go on a small hill. You will see a large sign to your left, which reads – City Gate Ahead. On the right, you will see another dead body, and a Stop Sign. The first Intel item of this chapter is by the Stop Sign.

Intel Item #12
After an explosion kills a large number of civilians, cross the area and try to keep your distance from the burning corpses. Move forward following the stairs and turn right to enter another building.

You will see ‘Christienne’ logo at this entrance and under the logo, next to the door, on the left side, is a new Intel item.

Chapter 9 – Intel Items

Intel Item #13
After the starting cut-scene, search, the room. Do not advance or you will miss this Intel item. On the other side of the hall are several candles, near a board honoring the soldiers who have died in the war.

Approach the board and get the Intel Item near it – It’s a flag.

Chapter #10 – Intel Items

Intel Item #14
After reaching the second tent, go left and over a red bed, turn around and look on the desk to get this Intel item.

Intel Item #15
After saving Riggs and concluding the re-union with a small discussion, you will be attacked by terrorists.

After you assume control of your character, you should see a small table near the door where Riggs kills the two terrorists. Get the Intel item from the table and move on.

Chapter 12 – Intel Items

Intel Item #16
You will find it in the building which you reach to after the first zip-line slide. You will find a terrorist and you will have a choice to kill him or not. You will then move towards some stairs, the collectible is there – on the right side.

Intel Item #17
The second collectible is after you have crossed the second zip-line, cleared the roof from the enemies. You will enter into a blue room when you are heading towards the radio-station. There is a large white couch and behind that is a smaller room which has a sink. Search next to the right wall and you will find this collectible.

Chapter 13 – Intel Items

Intel Item #18
When you have rescued Adams and cleared the area you will cross a large blue-ship wreck. Jump off the first ledge and Lugo will contact you. To exit the wreck you will have to turn left, take another left when you exit and you see the item.

Intel Item #19
This is located at the camp where you find Lugo. You will have to find a couple of bullets against the angry mob which will disperse the civilians and make your way out. Just make sure that you are looking at the left side of the path you are following and find an altar with burning candles which has this collectible.

Chapter 14 – Intel Items

Intel Item #20
You will find this collectible in the first building; There is a sign saying “Dubai Seaside” and the lighting is mostly green. When you kill a couple of terrorists you will see an exit door soon. The collectible is next to that exit door, lying on a chair.

Intel Item #21
You will need to shoot the head of the armored terrorist after you have taken the Gatehouse. Once you have taken him down, you will enter into a building and follow a ramp to the exit. To the left of that is an American flag and the collectible is there.

Chapter 15 – Intel Items

Intel Item #22
When you take the elevator up to meet Konrad, don’t follow the stairs and check the left side of the 2nd floor. You will find a table and it will have glowing photograph which is this letter sent to Konrad’s son, Jeremy.

Intel Item #23
When you have the letter written to Konrad’s son – Don’t take the stair-case which leads to Konrad but take the other one and go to the third floor. Search for a bed which has white sheets on it and look at the table next to it.

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