Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Loadouts Guide

The loadouts in Max Payne 3 are totally dependent on your game-style. There is no ‘best’ combination as everyone has their own taste and will perform as per his style. Our guide will walk you through some of the best possible loadouts as recommended by developer.

Max Payne 3 Loadouts

Gang Wars (Heavy Combination)
The developers have suggested two combinations (Heavy and Light) as the game-play of the Gang Wars is very variable and unpredictable. You can switch to the one you prefer and find easier to play with. Do note that all of the weapons and combination items are not unlocked unless you’ve reached the specified level.

  • Single Weapon Slot: DE.50+Mag Guide, Gas Systems Kit
  • Two Handed Weapon Slot: LMG.30+ Barrel Upgrade, Gas Systems Kit and Mag Guide
  • Projectile Slot: Tear Gas (you know the use!)
  • Burst Slot: Bullet Time – Very handy to use when the enemies are on your turf.
  • Item Head Slot: Helmet
  • Item Chest Slot: Heavy Body Armor
  • Item Gear Slot: Spray Can (helps you to capture turfs quickly)
  • Item Gear Slot: Ammo Puch, you know the use.
  • Item Gear Slot: Vampire Fangs – Increase the health if you kill enemies.

Gang Wars (Light Combination)
The light combination is useful for taking/attacking the enemy turfs and territories. You can plant and defuse bomb more efficiently as you’ve good fire-power for the close ranged enemies.

  • Single Handed Weapon Slot: M10 (Good against close enemies)
  • Single Handed Weapon Slot: M972 (A good combination with the M10 as it has more range)
  • Projectile Slot: Tin Can – Good to confuse the enemies when you’re in a rush or planting/defusing bombs.
  • Burst Slot: Paranoia – similar to the Tin Can
  • Item Gear Slot: Hollowpoint Rounds
  • Item Gear Slot: Multitool – Helps in planting/defusing bombs

Since you cannot count on anybody and your score will count for no one but you, the death match combination is made for the best k/d ratio.

  • Single Handed Slot: M10+Silencer
  • Two Handed Weapon Slot: MPK+Laser Sight, Extended Magazine.
  • Burst Slot: Big Dog
  • Item Head Slot: Balaclava
  • Item Chest Slot: Urban Camo
  • Item Gear Slot: Sneakers – Your footsteps are hidden.
  • Item Gear Slot: Sutures – Faster recovery
  • Item Gear Slot: Listening Device – Helps you to know enemies on your back-side.

Team Death Match
The TDM combination has to be an average one. You should have a reasonable fire-power with some attachments to guide you through.

  • Single Handed Weapon Slot: 1911+compensator, mag guide, gas block
  • Two Handed Weapon Slot: AK47 + Barrel Upgrade+ Laster Sight + Gas Systems Kit
  • Projectile Slot: Grenade
  • Burst Slot: Weapon Double Dealer
  • Item Chest Slot: Urban Camo
  • Item Gear Slot: Sneakers
  • Item Gear Slot: Ammunition Pouch!
  • Item Gear Slot: Booby Trap.

Don’t stop here, share your loadouts with us in the comments below!

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