Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Guerrilla Mode Guide

By   /   Jun 18, 2012

You must have played the Horde Mode in Gears of War or any other zombie showdown where you have to deal with wave after wave of enemies trying to overrun you. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s Guerrilla mode is just another example.

You can play this mode solo, split screen, or co-op online and your objective will be to defend the headquarters against 50 waves of enemies. After every 10 waves, you will have to move to another location to defend the next HQ.

If you aren’t playing the game on recruit difficulty, 50 waves of enemies aren’t something to be considered casual. Sure, in initial phase, you may find it easy but with the increasing difficulty level, you will have a tough time against the enemy AI and the hope of survival will keep on getting slimmer.

Now, the question is, what should be done to survive? Considering the diversity of gameplay, there are plenty of ways and strategies you can implement. Before that, you must have the basic knowledge about the various conditions and nature of this mode.

Guerrilla Mode Basics

Guerrilla Mode isn’t all about shooting enemies in the open. Depending on the enemies, you may have to stick to the stealth to take some enemies out before you can go ballistic. Every player will spawn with an Active Camouflage to serve the purpose.

Each wave will comprise of a specific number of hostiles, and the number will increase with each level. If a hostiles enters your HQ, you will have 20 seconds to take them out.

You will have 45 seconds during each wave to devise your plan for the next wave. If you fail to defend your HQ during any wave, you will have the option to load the game from the most-recent wave and continue your quest, which actually gives you some breathing space.

Guerrilla Mode Score System

Although the score isn’t important to get any upgrades or equipment but it’s a natural criteria to compare your performance with other players. Here is how the scoring will work in the Guerrilla mode:

Points on Each Kill

  • Wave 1-10 = 50 Points
  • Wave 11-20 = 100 Points
  • Wave 21-30 = 150 Points
  • Wave 31-40 = 200 Points
  • Wave 41-50 = 250 Points

Nothing complex in there, with increasing levels, points earned for each kill will be increased periodically.

Special Multipliers
You can multiply your score if you manage to take out the enemies in special ways and the score will be increased as follows:

  • Headshot = x2
  • Sync Shot = x3
  • Melee Kill = x4
  • Turret Kill = x1.5
  • Missile Kill = x3
  • Airstrike Kill = x5

The scoring combos (killing enemies consecutively in 5 seconds) will also earn you bonus points which will also be an indication of how quick and accurate your are in taking out multiple enemies.

Inter-Wave Ready Ups

Like mentioned before, after each wave, there will be a gap of 45 seconds during which you can get ready for the next wave. Ammo is the obvious thing you should check as with no firepower, there won’t be any survival.

As far as weapons and equipment are concerned, you will get them in the form of air drops, so make sure you get the necessary gear before facing the next wave of hostiles.

Guerrilla mode lets you carry two primary weapons at a time, which of course is better, especially when multiple bots are ready to eat you up. You can carry four equipment pieces at a time among the following five:

  • UAV
  • Frags
  • Sensors
  • Incendiary
  • Claymores

You will also get weapon drops after wave 2 and since you can only choose 2, be selective and choose the weapons according to the requirement. If you are playing in co-op, keep the balance, i.e. half the team should equip the aggressive equipment while others can go for long range weapons.

That’s only one way, you can think of various combinations that you think will suit you well. If one doesn’t work, don’t be stubborn and devise some other strategy. Teamwork, without any doubt, will be the key to survival.

Wave Streaks – Bonus Perks

Apart from points, weapons and attachments, if you manage to survive successive waves, there are some perks that will be unlocked as reward. You can even level up these perks by unlocking them multiple times.

UAV Radar
This perk will highlight all the enemies on your radar. All you need to do is survive 2 waves in a row.

Total Invisibility
You need to survive three waves in a row to unlock this perk. Like the name says, your character will be invisible to the enemies if you don’t create too much fuss.

You will be able to land a guided missile to on the map. This will help you take out multiple enemies instantly. To unlock it, 4 successive waves is the requirement.

Defense Turrets
You will have the freedom to deploy the defense turrets after you deal with 6 waves in a row. A defense turret is an ideal turret to look after the HQ in your absence.

If you manage to survive 8 waves in a row, you will get an airstrike in reward which can be used to clear out the swarming enemies at any spot on the map.

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