SWTOR Credits Farming ‘Chests’ Locations Guide – Corellia and Boarding Party

As you already know, credits play a great role in SWOTR – you can buy vehicles and gear for your character and assist him with the best of machines.

There are numerous ways to earn the credits such as working at the auction house or doing one of the trillion quests throughout the game, but these will not help you to get quick and heavy cash. One of the easiest ways to do so is Chest Farming, and the best areas to do that are Corellia and Boarding Party!

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You can find total of ten chests in the Labor Valley of Corellia, each one of them will drop around 3000 credits along with an item.

All the chests are not guarded by any sort of guards or factions but some of them are, so you should go in prepared.

If a chest is not there, wait for around 8-20 minutes, and it will respawn. If you are lucky enough to loot all of them without waiting – your run shouldn’t take more than ten minutes (including the battles). You should easily make around 30,000 credits from here!

These are the coordinates of these chests. Happy Farming:

  • Chests 1 & 2: -3334, -1754
  • Chest 3: -3215, -1770
  • Chest 4: -3368, -2032
  • Chest 5: -3565, -1793
  • Chest 6: -3557, -2044
  • Chest 7: -3776, -2135
  • Chest 8: -2715, -2120
  • Chest 9: -2650, -2032
  • Chest 10: -2716, -1706

Boarding Party

The Boarding Party farming track is Imperial only, and is definitely a great place to farm. First of all – you must do the “Call to Arms” mission; X1-02 will assign you that, and you can find him next to the mission departures’ elevator (Imperial Fleet).

After that, travel to the White Nova ship and trigger the flash point. You can find total of eight guaranteed chests in this flashpoint.

Three of them would range from 2500 to 5000, and the rest are smaller ones (1000 to 2000). The two boss’ chests not credit worthy, but they do give valuable items. These mobs are not very hard to fight off, but if you’re level 50+, then you can simply avoid them (run). Avoid the bonus quests and you should make around 45 to 50,000 credits.