Sony Considered “Disc-less” PS4, but Rejected it Due to Slow Internet Speeds

While there are a lot of rumors circulating regarding the PlayStation 4, one thing that kept coming back up was the speculation that it would not include an optical disc drive and instead, would rely solely on digital sales.

It seems this rumor has some semblance of truth into it as the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that according to “people familiar with the matter,” Sony considered a disc-less PS4 but ultimately balked at the idea due to internet connections being too inconsistent globally.

This makes sense as not everyone who plays games has an internet connection of 70MBps and whatnot. Imagine downloading a 30GB game and you have a measly internet connection of 1MBps? That would be torture, no?

If not that, what about the people who only use their consoles for single-player gaming who don’t have active internet connections at home? I’m certain Sony or any other company would never want to alienate that big of a demographic.

Would you consider a “disc-less” PS4?