Leaked Dead Space 3 Screens Shows Carver & Clarke Together

While it’s a given now that EA will be announcing Dead Space 3 at their E3 press conference early next week, that still hasn’t stopped the leaks from coming.

This time, the leaked stuff come as the form of screenshots and they’re not boring ones that are normally released for PR and marketing.

The screenshots show the protagonist in the graphic novel short — John Carver — gunning Necromorphs with series mainstay Issac Clarke. This all but confirms that co-op will indeed be in the game.

Dead Space 3

It’s also worth noting that in the headline image above, it seems like a half human/half Necromorph is carrying a gun! Could enemies with guns be on Clarke and Carver’s future?

We’ll know the answer to this and more once EA takes to the stage at E3.