Rumor: PlayStation Plus Getting Revamped, Unveiling at E3

According to Eurogamer’s multiple sources, Sony is set to unveil a PlayStation Plus revamp during its press conference at E3.

The revamp is designed to help convince more people to sign up to Sony’s premium subscription service.

It’s been reported that in order to do this, one of the key features Sony will be revealing is giving PS+ subscribers “top tier” games for free. Along with this freebie, the publisher will also be offering exclusive PlayStation Vita games and DLC for PS+ members.

While the PS Vita can interact with the PS3 now, it’s been also revealed that Sony will be showing off DLC and cloud services that means players won’t have to connect the PS Vita to a PS3 or a PC to back up save files and other content.

Admittedly, this does sound entirely plausible. But for now, let’s tag this in the rumor section until Sony confirms it.

If you’re a PS3 player, what will make you sign up for PS Plus?

Source: Eurogamer