CD Projekt Announces Cyberpunk Game

CD Projekt RED’s summer conference has just wrapped up earlier today and undoubtedly, the big news of the conference is the announcement of a new franchise.

For those unable to watch the live-stream, CDP RED announced that their new project is an RPG based on the pen-&-paper series Cyberpunk by Mike Pondsmith.

The developer’s CEO, Marcin Iwinski, took to the stage and promised that the new RPG will have all the hallmarks the Witcher franchise. It’s designed for “mature” players and will be a non-linear game that will offer a complex and gripping story.

The player will also be able to equip their character with various cybernetic implants and deadly weapons. Also, as expected from the Witcher devs, players will be given choices in what they want to do at certain key moments in the game. Obviously, their choices and actions will influence the events that follow and shape the characters they encounter.

Cyberpunk will be developed by a new team at CDP RED but it will be comprised of veterans from the Witcher franchise, so players need not worry about the game’s quality dropping from lack of attention.

Aside from the details mentioned, no platform or release window was given by the studio.

Exciting stuff, no? Hopefully, CD Projekt RED can do to Cyberpunk what they did to the Witcher, no?