Apple Not Interested in the “Console Business”

Remember when we reported the rumor that Apple was looking to make its own console platform? Yep, that one got debunked quick, no?

Now we have more news to share regarding that. During a Q&A session with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the D10 conference, he was asked about the company’s future in gaming and he wasn’t that keen on the idea.

Gaming has kind of evolved a bit. More people play on portable devices. Where we might go in the future, we’ll see. Customers love games. I’m not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming. But Apple is a big player today and things in the future will only make that bigger.

I think that puts a kabosh on Apple entering the console market soon, no? While that “Apple making a console” rumors might be put to rest, in a follow-up question, Cook was asked if the company was interested in bringing gaming experiences to the television; and he responded with a vague — yet ominous — “It could be interesting.”

So, Apple TV with gaming features confirmed, then? I’m kidding, of course…well, at least until Apple does announce such a thing.

Well, at least now Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can rest easy and breathe a sigh of relief, no? For now, at least.

Source: The Verge