Rumor: Battlefield Premium Price and Details Outed

With E3 just a few days away, it seems the rumors surrounding Battlefield Premium –EA’s counterpart to Call of Duty Elite — is taking shape.

According to MP1st’s sources — the same one who leaked the existence of Battlefield Premium in the first place — DICE’s Battlefield Premium will contain the following:

  • 20 Maps
  • 20 New Weapons
  • 10+ New Vehicles
  • 4+ New Game Modes
  • 30+ Assignments
  • 20+ Dog Tags
  • Also includes “Premium Benefits” which are made up of skins, camos and most importantly early access to all DLC.

The maps, weapons, assignments, etc. listed above are supposedly spread across the following expansions:

  • Back to Karkand
  • Close Quarters in June 2012
  • Armored Kill in Fall 2012
  • Aftermath in late 2012
  • End Game in Spring 2013

You did not read wrong. “Aftermath” is supposedly a new expansion to the game that will come out before “End Game” hits. Details are, obviously, scarce at the moment but we’re expecting EA’s E3 presser to shed a lot of light on this and the service as a whole.

In saying all this, it seems online retailers have also jumped into the mix and they even give out an amount as to how much this will all cost.

Coolshop lists Battlefield Premium at 34.96 GBP, which when converted falls roughly around the $60. Of course, chances are this will be priced at $50 just to even things out with its closest rival.

Now that you know all this, is Battlefield Premium something you’d be interested in or would you rather be playing a new FPS by then?

Source: MP1st