Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Sequel was being Worked on Before 38 Studios Folded

The fate of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning studio –38 Studios — has already been decided, but that doesn’t mean they’re keeping mum on what they were working on before the studio closed down.

While we already know of their MMORPG Project Copernicus, it seems Reckoning 2 was already in pre-production at the 38 Studios’ Big Huge Games. Not only that, but the studio was already in “advanced” talks with a publisher before the studio shuttered down.

Obviously, details are scarce but some of the improvements tested for the sequel were higher graphics quality across the board, no loading screens between zones, expanded and improved combat animations, fewer branching quests but a greater effect on the world by the players’ choices.

According to a source who wished to remain anonymous, “We had a good base to work from, and it was going to be all about improving everything…We listened carefully to fans and critics and were going to implement everything we possibly could.”

While there is a chance that Reckoning 2 could still be salvaged, don’t expect it to come out under that name, tech or even code; as the state of Rhode Island owns the assets and sources with knowledge of the situation says that the state’s asking price is just too high.

Hopefully, the people over at 38 Studios and Big Huge Games can regroup and we can have another RPG fitting of the Amalur name — even if it’s just in spirit.

Source: Joystiq