Game of Thrones RPG Side Quests Guide

Game of Thrones is an RPG based on the famous “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels by George R. R. Martin. Now, if you have read the novel or have been watching the TV series (by HBO), then you will have an idea about the plot and nature of the game.

Although the game itself is just another typical RPG, but the strong story-line can be one big factor to keep you engaged.

Among the various quests, there are some that are associated with the Trophies/Achievements. So if you are looking forward to completing these quests, we have this guide for you that can help you in completing the secondary/side quests in the game.

Note: After Chapter 13, you won’t be able to complete any of these secondary missions. They will all be marked as “Failed” after the conclusion of Chapter 14. So, maker sure that you attend to them before you enter Chapter 14.

You can save games at different points so that if you have missed something, you can reload that particular part and change things you did earlier.

Side Quest 1 – Their Watch is Ending (Chapter 1)
The quest will be assigned to you by Cregan as a part of the main story. Your objective is to collect the items from the Knights’ dead bodies.

First one can be found from Cregan’s dead body. The second belonging can be found from the body of the soldier being burned. For the third one, you need to go search the area behind you outside the castle gates.

After you ask Poddy for the role of archer, you will find the last one along the path you follow after wards. You will be able to spot it before the fight.

Side Quest – Treasure Hunt (Chapter 3)
You will have this side quest at the Gift. When you are ambushed by a bunch of enemies, defeat them and at the end one of them will let you know about the hidden gold. The locations will be marked on your map. Just follow the marked locations, and you will find them.

Side Quest – Silence in the Ranks (Chapter 6)
After you talk to the queen about your success with Mother’s Hen, she will ask you to meet another person.

As you leave the throne room, you will listen to sir Uthor Donnerly murmuring something against the queen. Before you meet the queen again, you should threaten him first. Head back to the queen and let her know that you will talk to him. Come back to Mr. Donnerly and deal with him.

You can either kill him or convince him to leave. Head back to the queen for one final time to let her know about the proceedings. This will conclude your side quest.

Side Quest – The Black Bloodhound (Chapter 7)
When you speak to Adam Flowers in the beginning of chapter 7, he will ask you to find any suspicious people in the Night’s Watch. You simply need to ask some questions from the marked people in the castle.

Bartrom is actually the culprit, but you will have to talk to Mors near the doorway on the other side of the hallway (use the skin changer mode to follow the scent).

Other suspects will let you know about their stories which you can let Adam Flowers know about later as he will decide what to do with them. Dealing with Bartrom and reporting back to Flowers should be sufficient to wrap up this side quest.

Side Quest – New Blood (Chapter 7-13)
The side quest can easily be the longest among the other side quests. At the start of the Chapter 7, Commander Mormont will ask you to find 10 recruits for the Night’s watch.

These recruits won’t be available at once, and you will have to search for them one by one until Chapter 13. Following are the hints to let you know about the places of these recruits.

Chapter 6 – When you enter Mole Town’s Whore house, talk to the first whore to the left side and ask her about the recruits. She will direct you towards the location of the first one.

Chapter 11-13 (Kings Landing) – When you enter the town, you will come across a member of Night’s Watch who will let you know about the recruits you can find in the town. Head back to the poor section of the town where you will find a crowd surrounding a couple of criminals. Choose to save them if you want them as your recruits.

Chapter 11-13 Again – At the same place in Kings Landing, you will find a guard who will ask you whether you want to go to the Dungeon or not. Say yes and next you find another guard who will be willing to sell you four prisoners. Buy hem to increase your count.

Chapter 12 (Riverspring Dungeon) – While you are trying to escape from Alester, you will release some prisoner soldiers along the way. Release them but make sure that you leave that prisoner and rioter behind so that you come back and recruit them afterwards.

Chapter 13 – Streets of Riverspring – You can have these recruits only if you have taken Riverspring from We and Valarr. When you come to the Riverspring entrance from Castlewood (at the end of chapter 13), a soldier will tell you about more recruits in the streets and dungeons. The chat bubble icons on your map will are the people you should talk to for the recruitment.

You will also find a woman near the castle entrance who will be willing to be serve the Night’s Watch. Despite Mors’ consent, you should take her to reach your required count. After that, you can also head back to the dungeon and recruit the assassin and the rioter you left behind earlier.

Once you are done recruiting, head back to Castle Black to Lord Mormont to complete the side quest and earn the trophy/achievement.

Side Quest – Not So Wild (Chapter 13)
While you are in Riverspring (after returning from Castlewood), you will get a letter telling you to go back to Castle Black. There, you need to go speak to Qhorin Halfhand (he can be found at the top floor in the castle).

He will tell you about some wild-lings that have made their way to Mole’s Town. Your task will be to find them and deal with them accordingly.

Now, go to the Mole’s town, and you will find some people talking outside. You need to follow the smuggler’s scent that will lead you to Byam in the basement. Get the required information from him then kill him if you feel like. Letting him leave won’t make any difference either.

Again, follow the scent of the wild-lings outside and deal with them. The next scent follow up will lead you to Icemark. This time, Sabraque will ask you to spare the families life.

You should choose not to kill them. Head back to report to Halfhand to tell him about the events. You can either lie to him or tell him the truth. Either way, the quest will be completed.

Side Quest – Rituals and Litanies (Chapter 13)
At the Castle Black, you will find a group of Night’s Watch soldiers discussing some issue. Duncan Paege will tell you about a Knight (Patrek) who has been killing their own men. You need to go speak with Adam Flowers in the burn down building (in the South West section of the map).

There, you can pick up Myles’ scent that will lead you to some Knights whom you can speak with. After having the discussion with them, its time to talk with Patrek.

Ask him to tell you the truth. Now, Talk to Wat (who can be found on the second floor outside the castle) and then inside the caste, go to the first floor and check Adam’s items.

Now, you should go see Clifford (in the South West building) who will tell you that Adam is gone, and Wat is with him. When you try to follow Adam, some Knights will try to stop you. You can either choose to kill them or convince them to stay away.

Head to the Mole’s town now and find Adam. The blue marker on your map will tell you his exact position. After you find him, kill the cunt and head back to tell Paege about the whole story. It will also clear Patrek’s name and conclude the quest.

It is highly recommended that you save the game here on the empty slot and don’t carry it further. This will help you to get the different endings (with Mors or Allester) which are required actually for two trophies.

Side Quest – Safer Streets (Chapter 11)
You will receive this side quest as the part of the story from Harwyn. I am not sure about the exact number of Blood seekers you need to kill around Riverspring, but if you keep them killing, you will eventually wrap this quest.

Side Quest – The Maggot in the Apple (Chapter 10)
Marianne will ask you through a letter to meet her in the Cellar. After your chat is over with Marianne, someone (a Gawen) will attack her. You should choose to “Knock her out”. When the Gawen is healed, head outside the courtyard and now talk to the lead guard. Kill them all to complete the quest.

Side Quest – Avenge Riverspring (After Chapter 8*)
There will be a document inside Collector’s Mansion at King’s Landing. After the regular chit chat, you need to kill everyone who attacks you. You will find a key on the first floor that will lead you down to the basement. There, when you open the secret door, you will ultimately reach the guy you are looking for.

When you find the collector, you just need to take him out after the chat. Furthermore, collect the three objects in the room to get the collector’s achievement. This will help you attain the “Devout follower” achievement as you fulfill the requirement for this achievement in the same room.

Side Quest – Rings and Chains (Chapter 8*)
In Chapter 8, when you talk to Elyana at the throne room, head outside, and you will find her again talking with a couple with people. Hear out their stories and then head out to find her lover. The blue marker on the map will guide you to his location.

Save his life and bring him back in one piece to the castle. Maker your choice at the end (you can go for any decision; it won’t effect the quest) to conclude this side quest.

Side Quest – Blood on the Sand (Chapter 8*)
In chapter 8, after you fight in the arena for the book, head back in there and fight more people until you become a champion. That’s all you have to do for this side quest mission.

Side Quest – Self-Made Girl (After Chapter 8*)
You will meet Hubb near the fountain after you escape from the City Watch Prison. He will ask you to help a girl named Bethany. You need to send her back to the Whore house. Help Bethany out with her problem to complete this small side quest. You can also get a statue from her for the “Devout Follower” achievement.

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