Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 Set to be Unveiled on May 31

It seems Castlevania fans have a lot to look forward to by the end of the month, as Konami is teasing Lords of Shadows 2 and they even have a website up for it that teases “5.31.12.”

Now, they aren’t exactly saying it’s Lord of Shadows 2, but just from the artwork alone, you can tell something’s up. There’s also the fact that the website is named and the website source code itself reveals “CLOS,” which clearly indicate Castlevania: Lords of Shadows.

Oh, and there’s also the fact that “dragon” is “Dracul” in Romanian.

While I don’t doubt that this is for Lords of Shadows 2, I’m guessing we’ll see an official announcement for May 31 and to be followed-up with a gameplay reveal of some sort at E3.

Color me excited. I mean, after the game’s ending, who won’t be, no?