Project Copernicus Screenshots Leaked

By now, chances are you’ve heard of the recent hardships 38 Studios is facing financially…that and the first trailer for the studio’s upcoming MMORPG “Project Copernicus” was the big story in gaming last week.

While we still don’t have any concrete details regarding Project Copernicus, it seems someone from the inside leaked the first screenshots of the game’s races.

The leak came from Kingdoms of Amalur community site 38Watch, who had someone with the name of Alyn Shir (one of the main characters from Reckoning) post the screenshots with the message:

38 isn’t dead yet.

Amalur is worth fighting for. Spread the fire.

That suspiciously sounds like someone from within the embattled developer, no? I’m guessing he/she won’t be going down without a fight — and if the screenshots are to be looked at, he does have a case because they look gorgeous..

The three races playable in the game so far (ones that were leaked, anyway) are:

The Jottun


The Dverga


And there’s also Almain, which can be seen as this post’s featured image.

Keep in mind there’s a ton of time between now and the game’s official unveiling (whenever that is), and these things might change. Now, here’s to hoping 38 Studios gets out of the mud and continues to work on Project Copernicus and the Amalur universe.

Source: NeoGaf