Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Class Guide

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has a typical character class system where players can choose from 3 different available classes; The Engineer, the Rifleman and the Scout. Read this Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Class for full details of all playable classes.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Class

Although, one can pick up primary and secondary weapons of the other class members, the unique abilities associated with each class are not interchangeable.

Each class character can be reached to level 50 and then a new character will be unlocked in the same class. So basically, if you have unlocked all the characters, there will be six characters to choose from in three classes. Let’s now overview these classes one by one to know the specialties and the limitations.


Shotguns and Personal Defense are the weapon types used by the Engineers. They have a variety of grenades and equipment at their disposal, which actually suits the role. The Scope detector is the special ability of an engineer that warns the players if they are being aimed at by the enemy.

Weapons (Personal Defense)
Ghost : Goblin, L22A2, PDR-C
Bodrak: AKS-74U, SA58 OSW, SR-3M

Weapons (Shotguns)
Ghost: M590A1, M12, M1014
Bodrak: MTs-255, RMB-93, Saiga 12

Engineer Grenades

  • Decoy
  • EMP
  • Sensor
  • Smoke

Engineer Equipment

  • Camera
  • Field Computer
  • Jammer
  • Med Kit
  • Sentry
  • UAV
  • UCAV

Rifleman Class

Rifleman has the freedom to use Assault Rifles and the LMGs. So weapons wise, it’s the most flexible class among all. Improved Body Armor is the special ability of this class, which makes them slightly more resistant to enemy fire.

Rifleman Weapons (Assault)
Ghosts: 417, ACR, TAR-21
Bodrak: AK-200, AN-94, A-91

Rifleman Grenades

  • EMP
  • Frag
  • Incendiary
  • Smoke
  • Rifleman Equipment
  • Ammo Box
  • Camera
  • Med Kit


Scouts are meant to use the Sniper Rifles and the SMGs. Optical camouflage is the unique ability of this class. This ability can let scouts go invisible if they are not moving.

Scout Weapons (Sniper Rifles)
Ghosts: M110, MSR, SRR
Bodrak: KSVK, PSL-54C, VSS

Scout Weapons (SMGs)
Ghosts: MP7, P90, Vector
Bodrak: PP19, PP2000, Skorpion

Scout Grenades

  • EMP
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke
  • Scout Equipment
  • Augmented Camo
  • Camera
  • Claymore
  • Med Kit
  • Stun

Rank Progression

Each character starts from zero, and as you gain experience by playing more and more, your rank level is increased periodically. You will be getting attachment credits for each level up which you can spend on unlocking various weapons, attachments and gadgets.

Some of the equipment/weapons in the game will need you to choose between the multiple available options. You will have to choose one over the other (they call it the “Decision Point”). Here, you need to be careful as once you have selected one piece over the other, you won’t be getting the other one.

The only way to choose the other option (after you have chosen one) is to use the Respec Token which actually resets all your weapons and equipment. You will be getting two of these tokens; one at the level 4 and other at level 50.

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