Blizzard Nerfs Monk Class in Diablo 3

While Diablo III is undoubtedly a hit among fans, that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t need any improvements. In saying this, Blizzard has just revealed that they’re nerfing the Monk class in Diablo III!

This was officially announced on the official Diablo III forums, where it states that they’re in the process of removing the on-use benefits of the Mantra of Healing rune, Boon of Protection.

It will be changed to:

Amount of damage absorbed is now capped at the amount of healing provided by Mantra of Healing in the first 3 seconds after activation.

They also reveal that the Boon of Protection was approximately 10 times over its budget on the benefits it provided; and that it was simply a mistake on their part to let the rune ship as it was.

Blizzard will post the full patch notes tomorrow and will be answering fan questions once the notes are live.

Source: VG247