Sony Wants You to Do Magic with Sorcery’s Launch Trailer

If you ever wanted to be a wizard then Sony’s Sorcery might just be the game for you! While most people cringe whenever they hear the term “motion controls.” it seems that Sorcery was actually built with the PlayStation Move in mind — and not as an added gimmick.

Watch the official launch trailer of the game to see if it’s your cup of tea.

Yeah, I know, the voice-over and whatnot seem to be cliched but the rest of the gameplay does seem like they’re actually good motion-control fare.

Of course, if it wasn’t obvious enough, you need an actual PlayStation Move controller to play the game. Not to mention that waving an actual Dualshock 3 around will make you look like a maniac.

Sorcery is set for release today, exclusively for the PS3.

Source: AGB