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Redesigned Wii U Tablet Controller Adds Analog Sticks

In what could be the first megaton leak for E3, it seems Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console will have a redesigned controller. While it will still be a tablet, it will now offer actual analog sticks instead of analog nubs.

This news was revealed over the weekend by Traveler Tales’ QA guy “Matty” who tweeted the image. I’m guessing he got into a little bit of hot water tweeting the said image as both the image link and his actual twitter account no longer exists.

Lucky for you that the image in question is still available. We’ve posted the tweeted Wii U controller and just below it, the one Nintendo revealed at last year’s E3.


And this is the old Wii U controller for comparison’s sake.


Aside from the analog sticks, the “start” and “select” buttons have also been moved. There also seems to be two mysterious “buttons” beneath the d-pad and between the start and select buttons.

Whatever the case may be, we won’t have to wait now as I’m presuming Nintendo will show this along with a few other surprises at this year’s E3.

Source: NeoGaf