Medal of Honor’s TV Premier Officially Out

Now that we’ve posted Black Ops II’s “newest” trailer, it’s Medal of Honor Warfighter’s turn. For those who didn’t know, EA’s FPS offering for 2012 also had a new trailer during the Champions League match.

If you’re a Medal of Honor fan, I’d advise you to temper those expectations a bit; as the trailer seems to be mostly comprised of old footage with a few new scenes added here and there — yep, the same tactic used by Black Ops II.

The big question now is, will Warfighter be going the Call of Duty route and showcase one set-piece after another in the game or will it focus more from the soldiers’ perspective?

Hopefully, this, and multiplayer will be revealed during EA’s press conference at E3.

Medal of Honor Warfighter will be out on October 26 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.