38 Studios Reveals “Project Copernicus” MMO Trailer

While 38 Studios is currently in a legal bind regarding the studio’s debt to the state of Rhode Island, that hasn’t stopped the development house in releasing the trailer for their long-in-development MMO.

The game, which has a codename of “Project Copernicus,” is set in Amalur’s universe. Aside from that, details are scarce but we do get a nice “world “fly-through” of the game’s backdrop and scenery.

Speaking of legal troubles, it’s now unknown if former baseball pro Curt Schilling is still the company’s CEO — or if he’s still with the company at all. All we know right now is that the developer has failed to pay their debt to the local government and in turn, the government might get to keep the studio’s IP (Amalur) among other things.

We’ll keep you posted on Project Copernicus and on 38 Studios’ status.