Latest XCOM Dev Diary Details Bringing the Franchise into the Modern Era

In the latest developer video diary for Fireaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it shows off a brief tour of Fireaxis’ Baltimore studio and there they talk about how they’re “modernizing a classic.”

Casey O’Toole, lead programmer for Enemy Unkown, talks about his experience playing the first XCOM and what key differences it has with the game they’re making now.

While I could detail everything he said for you, I think it’s best if you just watch the 4-minute clip for yourself as it does a better job (not to mention the ambient music helps a bit).


Hopefully, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will prove RTS games will work on consoles.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is being developed by FireAxis Games for 2K Games and is set to be released later this year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.