THQ Confirms Del Toro’s “inSane” Game Not Cancelled

While THQ has already announced that they’re delaying their South Park RPG and unloading Itagaki’s Devil’s Third, where does this put inSane?

For those not familiar with the game, inSane is a horror game being collaborated by Saints Row developer Volition and acclaimed movie director Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth).

THQ first announced the collaboration at the 2010 VGAs and billed the project to come out on 2013. Well, 2013 is just a year away and we’re still left in the dark regarding inSane. Add the media silence and THQ’s recent financial woes and people started assuming that the game was indeed cancelled.

Lucky for horror fans that Executive VP of Core Games Danny Bilso took to his Twitter to allay some of those fears by tweeting:

Aside from that, no other info was given. So, I guess that means we’re still left in the dark, but you can take comfort knowing that the game is still being worked on.