Telltale’s Walking Dead Game Sells Over a Million

Gamers like zombies, and the market is glutted with titles where players fight off hordes of the undead, so when Telltale Games released their point ‘n’ click adventure adaptation of Robert Kirman’s zombie apocalypse tale The Walking Dead, the industry wasn’t sure if it would be a success.

After being on the market for only a few weeks, Telltale’s interpretation of the horror comic has sold over one million copies – and that’s just for the first of five episodes.

Released on multiple platforms, it has remained the number one best-selling game on Xbox Live for two weeks straight and is Telltale’s fasting selling game so far. That does not factor in the upcoming iOS version which is slated to arrive this summer.

The game doesn’t follow the tale of Rick Grimes, the main character from the comic books and TV show,  but rather has a new protagonist with cameos appearances from some supporting characters familiar to fans of the comics and show.

Each episode is five dollars (Or 400 Microsoft Points), with a five episode season pass for $24.99 on PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store.  The next “Episode” of the game,  Starved for Help, is expected to hit PC, Mac, Xbox Live and PSN this June.  More about the game is available on its website.