New Black Ops 2 Trailer to Air During Champions League Half-Time Show

Activision will reveal a new trailer for its uber-franchise, Black Ops II, at this weekend’s Champions League footie match half-time show.

This news was revealed by Activision themselves who released a poster highlighting the game’s second trailer.

Black Ops 2

Of course, chances are, this footage will again entirely be made up of single-player moments spliced together. I’d love to be wrong, but seeing as multiplayer is Call of Duty’s bread-and-butter, I’m guessing we’ll see that at E3 or at another Call of Duty XP event if Activision has one planned later this year.

We will, of course, let you know the moment the trailer drops.

Oh, and the match that the second trailer will be shown off will be Cheleasa going up against Bayern Munich — y’know, just in case you’re watching the Champions League for the actual match.

Source: CVG