Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Guide – Ranking, Unlocks, Game Modes

Rockstar in effort to diversify the platform, managed to create a descent multiplayer for Max Payne 3. It makes sense as we rarely have a shooting adventure without a multiplayer these days.

Nevertheless, Max Payne 3’s multiplayer is something that can keep you busy for some time at-least. The concept revolves around the typical gang war scenario where a player needs to choose a particular Faction (6 of them) and create a career with it.

The Ranking and unlock system has nothing special to offer as it follows the same laws of hierarchy. Games’ dodge and shoot system, However, do assign its multiplayer a slightly different look.

Now, if you are new to the series and don’t want to get pawned in Max Payne 3’s multiplayer, you may need this guide as it will cover all the basic information related to the game’s multiplayer.

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Max Payne 3 Multiplayer – Basic Gameplay Elements

XP like in many other games, the XP counts for the experience points gathered by a player in a game. You earn these points by killing other people and completing the multiplayer objectives. As you acquire more and more XP, your rank will keep on increasing, which will unlock items, weapons and upgrades.

Loot the Bodies
After you have killed an enemy, you can try to loot it for items like extra ammo, Adrenaline, cash, or painkillers, etc.

Each player can choose a specific load out before entering the multiplayer arena. Like the classes in most games, these load outs will let players to choose the setup they want to use before spawn.

Weapons, Bursts, and Items are the three major components of a load out. The selection will affect the player’s attributes like speed, health regeneration.

For example, if you are going with a heavy load out, you might be able to do more damage but your mobility will be affected, which will also make the health regeneration process slower.

This is the core gameplay element of Max Payne series. Once you have the certain amount of Adrenaline (there is an adrenaline meter), you can shoot as well as dodge the bullets with increased reflexes.

Max Payne 3 – Bursts

Bursts are the special abilities that consume the adrenaline meter. There is a wide range of these abilities which can also be upgraded for more over the course of time.

Bullet Time, for example, is a Burst that lets players to shoot in slow motion for particular time. Following is the list of Bursts (with the upgrade levels) that can be used in Max Payne 3:

Big Dog – Level 1
The burst affects your as well as your teammates’ health.

Big Dog – Level 2
Health boost will take effect on all the visible teammates.

Big Dog – Level 3
Health boost has the effect on all the teammates.

Bullet Time – Level 1
Your reflexes are sharpened for 2.5s

Bullet Time – Level 2
The reflexes times duration is increased to 4s.

Bullet Time – Level 3
The reflexes times is increased to 6s.

Burst Bubble – Level 1
It will interfere with enemies’ adrenaline usage.

Burst Bubble – Level 2
Player’s team gets some extra adrenaline while opponent’s adrenaline is decreased.

Burst Bubble – Level 3
The amount of adrenaline added or removed is increased twice.

Fresh Blood – Level 1
You and your team will get extra health points on spawn…

Fresh Blood – Level 2
Adrenaline is also granted along with health points.

Fresh Blood – Level 3
There is the further increase in health and adrenaline.

Grounded – Level 1
You will disappear from the map/enemy’s site for 10 seconds.

Grounded – Level 2
You whole team will disappear from the map for 20 seconds.

Grounded – Level 3
It shows false info and spots to the enemies by altering the enemy map.

Intuition – Level 1
A spotter fare is launched above the enemy team.

Intuition – Level 2
You will be able to see those enemies too that are visible by your teammates.

Intuition – Level 3
The entire team has the enemy position just like UAV.

Paranoia – Level 1
In enemy ranks, the teammates can account each other as enemies.

Paranoia – Level 2
Friendly Fire bounty is enabled for one enemy.

Paranoia – Level 3
The friendly fire bounty goes for the entire team.

Sneaky – Level 1
You will look as enemy friend for 10s duration

Sneaky – Level 2
The effect’s duration is increased to 30s.

Sneaky – Level 3
You will look like an enemy for indefinite period till you are alive.

Trigger Happy – Level 1
You get the armor piercing ammo for 20 second duration

Trigger Happy – Level 2
You get an LMG with increased accuracy.

Trigger Happy – Level 3
At this level, you get a Rotary Grenade Launcher with some extra ammo.

Weapon Dealer – Level 1
The enemy goes infinite for 10 seconds.

Weapon Dealer – Level 2
The effect’s duration is increased by 20s.

Weapon Dealer – Level 3
You will get the incendiary ammo for full life time duration.

Weapon Double-Dealer – Level 1
All the weapon attachments are lost by enemy

Weapon Double-Dealer – Level 2
Enemies will loose their backup magazines and ammo

Weapon Double-Dealer – Level 3
The extra enemy grenades are dropped on the ground.

Max Payne 3 – Multiplayer Rank Unlocks

Ranking system of Max Payne 3 allows players to unlock various things that are kind of reward tokens for your progress. Each rank will require particular cumulative XP threshold to unlock.

In short, the more you play, the more XP you will earn, which will increase your rank progressively. Following is the list of items you can unlock from rank 1 to rank 50 (which is the maximum rank in the multiplayer.

Rank 1 Unlocks
Required XP – 0
Weapons – PT92, M500, .38 Revolver, M10, MPK,
Items – Light Body Armor
Bursts and Levels – Big Dog, Intuition 1, Trigger Happy
Loadout – 12 Weight

Rank 2 Unlocks
Required XP – 1000
Cash – 200
Weapons – Flashbang
Items – Big Dog 2, Intuition 2, Trigger Happy 2,
Bursts and Levels – +1 Weight

Rank 3 Unlocks
Required XP – 2300
Cash – 300
Items – Big Dog 3

Rank 4 Unlocks
Required XP – 3700
Cash – 400
Weapons – 1911, SAF, .40 M972, FAL, AK-47, Mini-30, M4 Super 90, RPD Tin Can, Grenade
Items – Ammunition Punch, Manufacturer’s Guarantee, Walkie Talkie Field Bandages, Sneakers Sutures, ID Card, Helmet, Balaclava, Lockbox, Bounty Orders, Gas Mask, Military Goggles, Medical Supplies Urban Camo, Auto-injector
Loadout – 3 Slots

Rank 5 Unlocks
Required XP – 5500
Cash – 500
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 6 Unlocks
Required XP – 9700
Cash – 600
Bursts and Levels – Bullet Time

Rank 7 Unlocks
Required XP – 14400
Cash – 700
Bursts and Levels – Paranoia

Rank 8 Unlocks
Required XP – 19700
Cash – 800
Bursts and Levels – Sneaky

Rank 9 Unlocks
Required XP – 25500
Cash – 900
Bursts and Levels – Paranoia 2

Rank 10 Unlocks
Required XP – 31800
Cash – 1500

Rank 11 Unlocks
Required XP – 38600
Cash – 1600
Bursts and Levels – Bullet Time 2

Rank 12 Unlocks
Required XP – 45800
Cash – 1700
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 13 Unlocks
Required XP – 53500
Cash – 1800
Bursts and Levels – Paranoia 3

Rank 14 Unlocks
Required XP – 61700
Cash – 1900
Bursts and Levels – Grounded

Rank 15 Unlocks
Required XP – 70300
Cash – 2000

Rank 16 Unlocks
Required XP – 79400
Cash – 2100
Weapons – Sub-Tenente
Bursts and Levels – Intuition 2
Loadout – New Loadout Allowed

Rank 17 Unlocks
Required XP – 88900
Cash – 2200

Rank 18 Unlocks
Required XP – 98800
Cash – 2300
Bursts and Levels – Bullet Time 3

Rank 19 Unlocks
Required XP – 109100
Cash – 2400
Bursts and Levels – Grounded 2 (between Level 19 and 20)
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 20 Unlocks
Required XP – 119900
Cash – 3000

Weapons – 608 Bull, SPAS-15, FMP, G35, MD-97L, AUTO 9MM, RPG, Smoke Grenade, Tear Gas
Items – Vampire Fangs, Multi-Tool, Spray Can, Tracking Device, Smart Phone, Booby Trap, Quick Holster, Medium Body Armor

Rank 21 Unlocks
Required XP – 131100
Cash – 3100

Rank 22 Unlocks
Required XP – 142700
Cash – 3200

Rank 23 Unlocks
Required XP – 154700
Cash – 3300
Bursts and Levels – Intuition 3

Rank 24 Unlocks
Required XP – 167100
Cash – 3400
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 25 Unlocks
Required XP – 179900
Cash – 3500
Bursts and Levels – Sneaky 2
Loadout – +1 Loadout Slot

Rank 26 Unlocks
Required XP – 193100
Cash – 3600

Rank 27 Unlocks
Required XP – 206600
Cash – 3700
Bursts and Levels – Fresh Blood

Rank 28 Unlocks
Required XP – 220500
Cash – 3800

Rank 29 Unlocks
Required XP – 234800
Cash – 3900
Bursts and Levels – Grounded 3

Rank 30 Unlocks
Required XP – 249500
Cash – 4500
Bursts and Levels – Fresh Blood 2
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 31 Unlocks
Required XP – 264500
Cash – 4600
Weapons –
Items –
Bursts and Levels –
Loadout –

Rank 32 Unlocks
Required XP – 279900
Cash – 4700
Bursts and Levels – Weapon Dealer

Rank 33 Unlocks
Required XP – 295700
Cash – 4800

Rank 34 Unlocks
Required XP – 311800
Cash – 4900
Bursts and Levels – Sneaky 3
Loadout – +1 Loadout Slot

Rank 35 Unlocks
Required XP – 328300
Cash – 5000
Bursts and Levels – Fresh Blood 3
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 36 Unlocks
Required XP – 345200
Cash – 5100

Rank 37 Unlocks
Required XP – 362400
Cash – 5200
Bursts and Levels – Burst Bubble

Rank 38 Unlocks
Required XP – 38000
Cash – 5300

Rank 39 Unlocks
Required XP – 397900
Cash – 5400
Bursts and Levels – Weapon Dealer 2
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 40 Unlocks
Required XP – 416200
Cash – 6000
Weapons – Super Sport, MICRO 9MM, DE .50, G6 Commando, Grenade Launcher, LMG M82A1, Sawn Off Shotgun
Items – Heavy Body Armor, Sticky tape, Brass Knuckles, Hollow-points Pacemaker, Pocket Watch, Gorilla mask

Rank 41 Unlocks
Required XP – 434800
Cash – 6100
Bursts and Levels – Burst Bubble 2

Rank 42 Unlocks
Required XP – 453800
Cash – 6200
Bursts and Levels – Weapon Double Dealer

Rank 43 Unlocks
Required XP – 473100
Cash – 6300
Bursts and Levels – Weapon Dealer 3

Rank 44 Unlocks
Required XP – 492700
Cash – 6400
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 45 Unlocks
Required XP – 512700
Cash – 6500
Bursts and Levels – Weapon Double Dealer 2

Rank 46 Unlocks
Required XP – 533000
Cash – 6600
Bursts and Levels – Burst Bubble 3

Rank 47 Unlocks
Required XP – 553600
Cash – 6700
Loadout – New Loadout

Rank 48 Unlocks
Required XP – 574600
Cash – 6800
Weapons –
Items –
Bursts and Levels – Weapon Double Dealer 3
Loadout –

Rank 49 Unlocks
Required XP – 595900
Cash – 6900
Loadout – +1 Weight

Rank 50 Unlocks
Required XP – 619500
Cash – 7000
Items – Badge of Honor

Max Payne 3 – Gang Wars Mode

In Gang Wars, players will find themselves in a random chaotic scenario (e.g. a drug deal went wrong, etc.), and then they will have to fulfill some objectives to make things right. Each round of Gang Wars will cycle through five different game modes, and the sequence will depend on the results of the previous round.

So it’s not like that you will always know that what is going to happen next, which makes things more interesting. When we talk about Gang Wars, it’s the teamwork that can prove to be the difference between the two sides. In Gang Wars, you will come across following modes:

Short Fuse
In this game type, one team needs to plants the explosives at certain targets while the rival group has to defend it. A typical game mode which we see in many shooters. The results will have effect on the next round.

Grab the Bags
The game mode revolves around the drug containing bags. One team will protect them while the other group will try to snatch them from the defenders.

Take and Hold Turfs
Each team will try to capture the available turfs in the map and then defend them from being taken. The game mode is just like “capture the flag” mode featured in many games these days.

In this mode, one team will be tasked to take out an objective in the opposite team. The rival team, however, will have the objective to defend that person to win.

Max Payne 3 – Payne Killer Mode

This mode is slightly different from other traditional multiplayer modes. On Random, two players will take the role of Max and his acquaintance Passos while all other players will be in the opposition to hunt down the two heroes i.e Max and Passos.

To make things balanced, the two heroes will have extra abilities and special load outs. If one of the two partners is taken out, the killer will transform into that character, and the cycle will continue.

Max Payne 3 – Crew Feuds

Rockstar has given players the option to form crews through the Social Club which not only provides a platform to the players to play together but also allows them to be involved in Crew Feuds.

It means that if you are a member of a crew and you complete some crew oriented objective, you will be awarded with extra XP and things like that.

Crew Feuds, however, can also be triggered any time during the game if a member of one crew kills the rival crew member. Rockstar will keep track of the Crew stats and interestingly; these stats are planned to be transferred to the future games like Grand Theft Auto V, etc.

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