Max Payne 3 Arcade Mode Guide

Apart from the main narrative storyline, Max Payne 3 also gives players the option to show off their point gathering skills in Arcade mode. The Social Club keeps track of the records so that the community can know about the best scores available and then try to beat them.

The goal in Arcade mode is quite simple, gather as much XP as you can and according to your performance, you will either get a Gold, Bronze or Platinum medal. Now, if you are a challenge taking type, Arcade mode’s addiction will be one joyous time for you.

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The Arcade Mode can be played in two ways:

Score Attack Mode

In Score Attack Mode, you need to be a Point Scavenger. Gather points as much as you can by killing anything that comes in your way. You can increase the points collection speed through multipliers.

Multipliers will be activated on killing multiple enemies in a row, and your point’s table will increase accordingly until you miss a shot or die.

Score Attack Mode Multiplier Bonuses

Multiplier Bonuses
Hits In A Row = 3
Bonus = X2

Hits in a Row = 6
Bonus = X3

Hits in a Row = 12
Bonus = X5

Score Attack Mode Multiplier States
Ability = Shootdodge
Bonus = X2

Ability = Prone State
Bonus = X3

Ability = Bullet Time
Bonus = X2

Ability = MPM
Bonus = X2

Ability = Last Man Standing
Bonus = X1 – X6

Score Attack Mode Negative Point Effects
If there are multipliers, then there are some negative effects too like if you die, some points will be deducted from your total score.

Act = Player Death
Deduction = -5

Act = Take Pill
Deduction = -50

Act = Enter Last Man Standing
Deduction = -200

Act = Kill Innocent
Deduction = -150

Max Payne 3 – New York Minute Mode

In this mode, you will need to beat the levels in the given time. The timer will start from 1 minute, and each kill will get you five seconds. If you die or the timer runs out, you will have to start over again.

The timer will only stop for Bullet time, bullet cams, blend-outs, and cut-scenes. Unlike Score Attack, this mode is all about the quickest time. Take out enemies as fast as you can (without dying of course) to get better scores at each level.

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