Halo 4 to Have its Own “Perks” System. Customizable Armors and More

It’s a big day for Halo fans, with details about the Halo 4 Limited Edition arriving today, and now some more information on the game’s multiplayer modes has just been revealed.

The traditional competitive multiplayer modes are now called “War Games” and will have some new features, notably a Perks system for some matchmaking playlists. This system gives players customizable special abilities that are earned as players level up.

There’s also a new option for armor customization that will give gameplay bonuses.┬áThis deviates from the previous Halo games where unlockable armor pieces only provide cosmetic changes, and ranking up was just for bragging rights.

It’s a clear move in the direction that many other online shooters have adopted — notably Call of Duty and Battlefield.

There will be a story-based mode called “Spartan Ops,” which can be played co-op or single-player. While details aren’t in, it’s a good bet that this mode will be a lot like the “Special Ops” mode from Call of Duty, and it will be compatible with the Perk system. Spartan Ops will be updated weekly with new “Episodes” that provide additional content.

The whole multi-player experience will be tied to a hub called “Infinity,” named after a UNSC starship where Spartan troopers are stationed for training. This ties the multiplayer in with the Halo 4 storyline.

Excited for Halo 4’s multiplayer? Let’s hope Microsoft releases a beta before the game ships on November 6.

Source: Halo Waypoint website