Capcom Unveils Lost Planet Spin-Off EX Troopers Debut Trailer

Capcom’s Lost Planet series will have a spin-off and it seems to be more Japanese than one would think.

The game, which is titled EX Troopers, will still retain Lost Planet’s exploring, shooting mechanics — albeit, in a more “colorful” and vibrant (read: anime) form.

If you’re curious to see it — as I’m sure you are — you’re in luck as Capcom has just released the first trailer and it even shows actual gameplay!

Just a tip, if you want to skip all that music and see the actual gameplay, I suggest forwarding the trailer until about the halfway mark.

EX Troopers is scheduled to be out on the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS later this year in Japan. There’s currently no word if the game will be ported to the US.