Volition Lists Saints Row 4 for PS3, Xbox 360

While it’s no secret that THQ is not doing too well right now, it still has a few aces up its sleeve that can ultimately pull  it out from the dumps if they perform well enough. Chief among these “aces” is Volition’s Saints Row franchise.

For reference, THQ has shipped 11 million units in the Saints Row franchise globally. Easily making it the most lucrative IP the publisher has. Not only that, but Saints Row: The Third has managed to move 4.25 million units by itself. So that proves the franchise might just be hitting its stride.

In saying all these, it should surprise no one that THQ and Volition is already working on Saints Row 4…the kicker here is that they’re developing it not for next-gen platforms, but for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

This bit of news was uncovered by internet detective Superannuation who linked the LinkedIn profile of David Payne — a Lead Prop and Weapons Artist for Volition who’s currently working on Saints Row 4.

It seems the folks over at THQ might have caught wind of this since his LinkedIn profile now bears no mention of Saints Row 4, but lucky for us, we have a screengrab before he updated his profile.


Yes, I know this is stating the obvious but at least now we can officially confirm that the game is indeed in development. Now, let’s see if THQ will announce this game at this year’s E3 even if they don’t have a booth.

Source: Superannuation  (via TheSixthAxis)