THQ: Devil’s Third No Longer Fits “Profitability Profile”

If you’ve been waiting for Tomonobu Itagaki’s first game out of Tecmo with baited breath, then you might have to wait a bit longer, as THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell admits that the game no longer fits the company’s “profitability profile.”

This news was revealed by Farrell during THQ’s annual financial report to investors where he admitted that they’re currently in discussions with third parties in regards to the future of Devil’s Third — in short, they’re trying to shop Devil’s Third around to see if anyone will bite.

Devil’s Third is, of course, being developed by Valhalla Game Studios; which has ex-Team Ninja (Dead or Alive) boss Tomonobu Itagaki at the helm. Devil’s Third was supposed to be Itagaki’s first game after leaving Tecmo in 2008 and was scheduled to be out in 2013.

We’ll keep you updated if and when somebody snatches the game up.

Source: Joystiq