Rumor: GTA V’s List of Vehicles Leaked

Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 has just been released and it seems the game holds more than just the game.

The game disc itself purportedly holds info concerning Grand Theft Auto V’s vehicles. This info has been unearthed by the people over at GTAVForums; and they’re also quick to point out that this isn’t the first time Grand Theft Auto files have been uncovered in non-GTA games. Rockstar’s other games such as: Bully and Red Dead allegedly also had info regarding vehicles and other details pertaining to the GTA franchise.

The list currently shows how many vehicle types will be in the game.

  • 48 Cars
  • 5 Bikes
  • 10 Helicopters
  • 1 Plane
  • 25 Boats
  • 9 Train

Keep in mind that this isn’t the final count regarding the vehicles and if you want to see the complete list (so far) alone with the code unearthed, click here.

Source: GTAVForums (via NeoGaf)