Risen 2 Treasures Locations Guide – How To Find

If you are into treasure hunting, then you may have already tried to find some of the hidden treasure chests throughout Risen 2. The process of every treasure quest is repetitive, i.e. first look for the map, and once you have it; you can follow the red marker on your map to find these valuable assets.

Since, all the treasures are in some sort of hidden chests, you will always need a shovel to open them. In some case, you may have to use your stealing skills to get the treasure vessels opened.

O’Brian’s Treasure

O’Brian is a member of Captain Steelbeard’s crew, and you can find him in the Pirate tavern (a drunk sailor). While you talk with him, you will come to know about the hidden treasure’s map, and you will also be invited to play the drinking mini-game.

You need to win the game but before that, you should place something equally valuable according to O’Brain’s call. 500 gold is all you need to start the competition. Once the bet is set, you should head to the innkeeper and ask for the strongest drink which will cost you 150 gold.

After you have the drink, head back to O’Brian to start the game. I will recommend that you save the game before you proceed. Your goal is to empty all the bottles before your opponent does.

Try not to move the bottles fast as they can fall off, and then you will have to try it again. Since its a contest, you also can’t afford to be slow. You may have to give a couple restarts before you succeed.

If you are defeated, you won’t be able to do this quest again, and if you put the earring in the pool, you also won’t be able to complete the quest “The Clothes of a Pirate.” So, instead of getting pissed off, try to win the game which is actually not that hard.

After you have won the game and got the map, you can proceed to the next section of this treasure hunt quest i.e O’Brian’s Treasure.

You have the map now; your goal is to track down the hidden treasure. You will need a shovel of course, and if you somehow don’t have it, you can purchase one from Flannigan, who can be found at the west side of Pirates’ Settlement.

You will have the location of the treasure marked on your map as red cross. That’s where you are headed to now. Go there and collect the treasure. Now, since this quest is the part of “Become a Pirate” mission then you may want to report it to Captain Steelbeard if you want to improve your status for the assessment.

Pete’s Treasure

You need to meet a prostitute named Holly in Booze’s tavern. She will tell you about the Pete’s treasure map if you convince her by giving 100 gold. Save your game often so that you may not have to suffer a big loss.

She will give you the idea about the location of the treasure which happens to be the ancient ruins in the central part of the island. Move out of the camp and head west. Don’t climb any mountains and keep your path straight. When you come across a big gorge, head north.

You should watch out for the trap hidden in the ground. If you activate it, you will be dead. To dodge it, you need to press space at the right time when it’s displayed. Otherwise, you can start from the last game you saved. You will find a corpse (Pete’s) which has the map for the treasure.

After getting the map, your goal will be to find the treasure. You will have to travel north from Pete’s body (near the entrance of the ancient tomb) to find the treasure.

The red cross on your map marks its location. Use the shovel (you can get it from Pete’s body) to dig the treasure and complete the quest. Again, don’t forget to report to Captain Steelbeard to progress your way towards being a pirate.

Jim’s Treasure

Jim is one of Captain Crow’s crew members, and you can find him in the Shaganumbi village. It’s the same place where you will find a chest with the treasure map. The lock of the chest is not that hard (difficulty = 20), but if you aren’t skilled enough, you can go talk to Jim as he is also a trainer.

You can now find the treasure easily as it will be marked (the red cross) on your map. The problem here, however, is the Alligator in the perimeter. You need to find a way to get rid of it. Direct combat will be nothing but to invite your death so you need to use attack and run tactic.

The Alligator is fast, but it takes some time before it reacts. You can use this weakness as an advantage to inflict the damage and take it out from your path. Once, the threat is eliminated, you can get the treasure near the great waterfalls. If you need a shovel, you can buy it from Sophia in Puerto Isabella.

The Treasure in the Valley of the Jaguar

If you know where to go, it’s a pretty straight-forward quest. You will find a small cavern on the west side of Puerto Isabella. At first, intersection inside the cavern, head left, and you will soon find an item on the ground which actually is a treasure map.

You have the treasure map so just follow the red mark sign, and you will get to its location. Naturally, you will have to use the shovel to dig it out.

The Treasure in the Natives’ Graveyard

The map for this hidden treasure is sealed inside a bottle which is somewhere around the shore, on one of the beaches on the eastern side of the island.

You need to open its cork and to get the map inside. Once you have the map, you can use it (like always, the red mark) to get to the treasure.

Your journey towards this treasure is not going to be that easy. There will be different types of enemies and when you are quite close to the treasure’s location, four stubborn warriors will be waiting for you. However, you won’t be needing anything special except for your regular combat skills to get rid of them. Collect the treasure (use the shovel) to complete the quest.

The Treasure on Puerto Isabella Beach

You need to visit Sophia to find this treasure. She will hand you over the map, and then you can use it to get to the treasure. The map will cost you 100 gold. Like always, you are going to need a shovel to reveal the treasure inside the chest. A pretty straight quest where only some traveling is needed.

A Treasure on Antigua

You will be needing Rick’s help to supply the goods Captain Slayne’s ship. You can either do it the hard way, or you can pursue the treasure to satisfy his temptation.

If you choose the latter option, you will be able to find a map inside a chest in Admiral’s Alvarez room. If you don’t have the sufficient stealing skills (30), you can buy it from con man Quinn.

Steal it and get back to Rick to make him happy. If you want the treasure yourself, you can have it before you show it to Rick. Showing it to Rick won’t remove the map from possession anyway, so you can find it even after showing it to Rick.

The Treasure in the Grotto on Antigua

The map for this particular treasure can be obtained from Duncan if you decided to save him during the “Missing Fisherman quest.” You will find the treasure chest in the same tavern where you save the guy.

The Treasure on a Rocky Plateau of Antigua

You need to buy the Quinn’es map in order to proceed with your treasure hunt. It’s actually one of the two hidden (to be supposed) items he has. The objects cost you 200 and 300 gold respectively.

The cheaper one is supposed to be the map. You just need to persuade him to take the decision. Get the map and start your quest to find the treasure.

The Treasure on Antigua’s Western Beach

It’s another simple treasure hunt. The map you need can be found in Alvarez’s apartment (in the chest). Just follow the path (it’s a long one) to the red mark, and you can have the treasure.

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