Naughty Dog Gives Us the Latest Look at The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is considered to be one of the year’s big games, but aside from the title being unveiled at last year’s VGAs, it hasn’t been seen in the spotlight that much.

Lucky for us that Naughty Dog decided to release a new trailer for the game. This time, the trailer shows Joe and Ellie driving through a ravaged city; and this time, it’s not the infected or anything of the sort that’s posing as a threat — but actual human beings.

The game seems to indicate that humans will be as a big as a threat as the infected and this is exemplified by people acting injured in the hope that other people will stop to help them. I’ll let you watch the trailer for yourself to see how bad the situation is for our protagonists.

Naughty Dog also states that fans should ┬ábe “prepared” for E3 and in the months to come — clearly indicating that The Last of Us will have a big presence at the show.