New “Projekt” from Witcher Developer

CD Projekt Red the developer of The Witcher and its sequel is now hiring staff for two new games.  

On the company’s website they say they are working on a “mature dark-fantasy world”, which sounds like a description of the setting from the Witcher series.  While it could be a different intellectual property, the job listing also mentions that the game features sorceresses who have appeared in Playboy magazine, which certainly narrows it down, considering that Triss Merigold from The Witcher was in the Polish version of Playboy.  

This seems like a dead giveaway that they are gearing up for the next game in this successful franchise. While the notion of a new The Witcher title is no doubt very appealing to fans of the series, the other project is equally intriguing.  

It is a different IP and while vague, the description does mention guns a few times. This will be the first time that CD Projekt Red has worked on a non-witcher game, and it will be very exciting to see them try their hand at something other than a fantasy setting.

Both games are in need of staff including animators, programmers, designers and artists.  Those interested in applying for jobs, or just in seeing all of the available details on the new projects can find more at