Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Title Screen Spotted

While Konami has been rather mum in regards to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, it seems they might be readying a demo for the game — if AGB’s titling of the image is to be believed, anyway.

The image shows the game’s protagonist Raiden clad in cybernetics and looking quite bad-ass. Aside from that, there’s the title and the words “Push Start” right near the bottom. Judging from the reflection seen on the screen, it seems this title screen is for the PS3 version.

Metal Gear Rising Title Screen

I’m guessing (hoping) that Konami might indeed be readying a demo of the game to be available soon; and what better time to announce that other than this year’s E3, no?

Oh, and nope. I haven’t forgotten about the game’s atrocious live-action shorts. While they might pimp the game and make sure it stays in the limelight, it doesn’t really show any gameplay footage. And to be frank, it does nothing to promote the game in a positive light — unless you like B-movie cut-scenes in place of actual gameplay.