Looks Like Somebody has Already Finished Diablo 3

While most of you are busy playing Diablo III, or at least trying to. It seems someone has already managed to beat the game.

This someone is none other than Yoshichan from NeoGaf. He gives a screenshot of his recent run and clocks the entire playthrough at a decent 12 hours and 29 minutes in. He used the Barbarian class and reached level 32. Oh, and he played on the “Normal” difficulty setting.

Here’s the screenshot for you to take a gander at.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3

While the game might only be 12 hours, isn’t the whole point of Diablo is to play it again once you beat it but this time, under a harder difficulty setting and with a new character class? I know that’s what I did and don’t forget the loot!

If you’ve finished Diablo III already, let us know what level you’re in and how long it took you to do so.

Source: NeoGaf