Retailer Leaks Dragonball Z Budokai HD Collection

It seems another retailer has once again leaked a game’s existence before it’s official announcement. This time it’s Spanish online retailer XtraLife who seemingly has jumped the gun and posted “Dragon Ball Z Budokai TenKaichi HD Collection” before it’s officially announced by publisher Namco Bandai.

The site has it on their site and even has a box-art to show for it. Do keep in mind that this is most likely placeholder art since the “Classics HD” lettering is the one Sony uses for its HD upscaled games.


Oh, and the site lists the game’s release date as October 12 of this year. So, chances are this baby will be announced by Namco Bandai at this year’s E3. While it would be wise to tag this one as a rumor for now, this is also the same retailer who jumped the gun and outed the Devil May Cry Collection — also, ahead of release. So chances are, this is legit.

We’ll update the situation as more news develops.

Source: NeoGaf