Rumor: Microsoft to Integrate Internet Explorer on Xbox 360 with Kinect Navigation

According to The Verge, Microsoft is currently testing a modified version of their web browser Internet Explorer 9 on the Xbox 360. While it’s common knowledge by now that Microsoft’s search engine (Bing) can be used in a limited capacity for media results using voice commands, the new browser for Xbox 360 will expand on this functionality and integrate itself as a full web browser for consoles.

It’s also reported that the Microsoft will integrate Kinect gestures and voice commands heavily into this functionality. If you’re not a fan of Kinect, don’t fret, as Kinect support is not mandatory but it’s made with Kinect usage in mind.

There’s still no word on when Microsoft is supposed to reveal this new Xbox 360 feature, but seeing as E3 is just on the horizon, it wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t part of their E3 press conference.

Source: The Verge